Snow Much Love Appeal 2023

Show Snow Much Love for people living with leukaemia this Christmas


By donating today, you'll be helping Leukaemia Care support all those who are affected by a leukaemia diagnosis and making sure they get medical, practical, financial and emotional support this winter.

Your donation could be in recognition of someone close to you or someone who has supported you the most this year but also in remembrance of a loved one who is in your thoughts even more so, at this time of year.

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Rebecca Clarkson

Mum and family

Our darling Bex, Becky. You were always the shining star of our Christmas’s. The one who planned food, thoughtful presents, the fun games and made it all happen. We will miss your laughter and excitement. We will try to honour you by being strong as you were so courageous and caring. As always your spirit will be with us. Love you always. xxx

Rebecca Clarkson